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About Us

About Us

Cattle farming is an old practice done by humans for getting edible products. Whether to fulfill need of milk or meat, the reasons of raising cows, bulls, goats and other farm animals are countless. Since, large amount of agricultural and food production rests majorly on cattle rearing, it is very essential for farm workers for giving nutritious diet to their cattle that could enhance their health status resulting in large milk and other good's production. Hence, to aid such farm owners in rendering essential nutrients to their cattle, our company, Ambika Feed Mills is born in the year 2000. As a reliable Manufacturer, we provide finest quality of Cattle Feeds which are prepared keeping in view nutritional requirements of different animal species. Technologically updated machines and quality-approved raw materials are used by our production experts for making nutritionally balanced feeds. Good in taste and high in quality, our feeds provide minerals, energy and proteins which are required for maintenance, growth and milk production of animals.

Give Apt Nutrition To Animals With Our Cattle Feeds

Food diet of animals is largely ignored in India. We rear animals for own benefit of getting essential dairy items, food products and many other things but we least pay attention over their quality of food intake. If we leave aside lame late back attitude of common people over having caring thought towards animals, the very own farm people who raise cattle also hardly pay much attention over such crucial thing of providing nutritional diet to animals. However,  those farm persons who really care about their cattle's diet and are ignorant of what to make them eat that could boost their energy and give proper nutrition, our company, Ambika Feed Mills is available to help. With our quality-tested feeds we are helping farm owners in making health of their cattle's good and healthy. Our feeds contain energy, minerals, vitamins and proteins which assist in increasing growth and milk production of animals. Cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium and manganese are few out of many minerals which are sure to be found our nutritionally balanced feeds.

Why Choose Our Range?

  • Manufacturing- We have spacious production plant where feeds are prepared using finest food processing machines. Feeds are made in clean hygienic environment that eliminates the chances of them being bad in quality or adulterated. Raw materials such as  oleaginous crops,  dried beet pulp,  cereals  legumes and forage are finely crushed and grinded as per the requirements.
  • Zero Quality Defects- Quality is something we never fake in. Since we deal in consumables, we pay extra attention over quality and carry out stringent quality control process. Finest raw materials are sourced from reliable places.
  • Packaging- In scenario where cases of mixing in food products is reaching at paramount, we are one of few companies which chides such illegal activities and use seal packed packaging materials for offering. Over packaging material, we provide essential information regarding dosage, expiry & manufacturing date and nutritional facts is printed so that customers can get clear idea of product.
  • Nutritional Values- Our feeds contains high amount of calcium, phosphorous, protein, sodium, chlorine, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt and much more essential minerals and several vitamins.
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Village-Bahui, Opposite Sheikhupura Octroi, Sultanpur Road, Kapurthala, Punjab, 144601, India
Phone :+917042531753